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KMUaudit helps you to create annual accounts more efficiently. You can standardize processes, optimize them and reduce manual work.

Your orders run faster, while improving the quality of your results and increasing customer loyalty.


With huge amounts of data, organizations are barely able to run analytics that help them find better strategic decisions.

KMUaudit provides easy-to-use tools that help you present financial statements clearly and with charts. So you get meaningful information to make better decisions.


KMUaudit the end-to-end audit solutions completely automate the exam preparation, planning, audit, and reporting.

Our seamless and highly integrated solutions allow you to spend less time, money and resources on the revision while delivering high-quality results.


With the flexibility of KMUaudit, you can create professional business valuations based on approved financial statements and budgets. KMUaudit reduce the workload and increase the quality.

Valuation of companies by the methods DCF, Multiples, EVA, Praktiker, Tax Office and Substance.


KMUaudit allows you to optimize consolidation processes and reduce manual work. You create the consolidated financial statements faster and at the same time improve the quality of your results.

Consolidation of financial statements according to the full consolidation, quota or equity method. with thrill down features at the account level.


By integrating data across disparate systems and locations, you can ensure the accuracy and quality of reporting in your environment.

This makes your financial reporting much more efficient, data collection standardized and automated, which significantly reduces your workload.

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