Scope - KMU Ratgeber AG


Perform your Business
We help our customers work more efficiently, reduce manual processes while improving the quality of
the results. We comply with international standards.


  • We are an efficient service provider in the cloud software development.
  • We appear on the market as a first-class and flexible partner.
  • We offer our employees a good working atmosphere and an optimal infrastructure. We also promote dialogue.
  • We offer our customers attractive products and services in the desired quality and at competitive prices.
  • We maintain a basis of trust with our customers, employees, suppliers and the authorities.

Quality policy

Our quality policy is in line with the corporate strategy. It is our goal to continually measure and
improve our QM system in order to efficiently meet the demands of the market. This is the basis for a
trusting cooperation with our stakeholders.


Dieter Busenhart Product Manager
Stefan Dori Head of Technology
Jonathan Navarrete Design, Digital Marketing

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KMU Ratgeber AG

Im Ifang 16
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